Dear You

My name is Tim and I am a photographer, as you have probably realized so far. It is my passion, my job and the biggest adventure of my life, and I love it, especially since my work places me among very special people during their most important moments in life.

I aim to be an invisible storyteller- it is your day and your tale to be told. I always try to present all the emotions of the very moment in most exquisite light and composition to ensure that whenever you reach for those pictures you will cherish the memories, remember the beauty of that day and feel it all over again.

I always get to know my clients first so that your pictures create an individual, very personalized tale and show your character, your environment, match your way of life and your very own style. You are not a client, but you become the main character of the story.

Therefore, if you are planning your wedding or any other special occasion in your life is ahead of you, or if you simply want to have a few great pictures of you and your beloved ones, let me know. I will be honored to provide my services and I will be there for you.

Feel free to inquire about any other photo services, for although I specialize in reportage and people photo shoots, I will gladly work on any photo assignment.

My most common work is:

wedding photography and sessions

infants and children photography

engagement sessions

religious events (Baptism, Confirmation, Bar mitzvah etc)

individual sessions

prom parties

birthday parties

and much more!

Write me to arrange a free meeting to discuss all the details and get to know each other.  I work everywhere, so all you need to do is tell me what, where and when and I will be there.